Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In detailing what qualifications the new police chief should have, members of city council, and the mayor spoke at length about experience.  According to them, a college education wasn't as important as having somebody who was going to engage the community, be familiar with the area, and be bilingual (the mayor made that point).  Police union members, however, made it clear to council that anyone vying for the department's top spot should have a degree so as not to lower standards.

Mike Garza didn't forget the union's plea.  But now, in an act of spite it seems, he thinks captains, and others in charge of the troops should have some schooling too.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having a more well-rounded police force, but why push for more education for captains when the concensus was for less than that for a new police chief?  At yesterday's meeting, Councilmember Liendo spoke up.
"A lot of you were just going on and on about how wonderful experience is and how you don't need it to be the chief of police. Now your saying, since now you need it for your chief, we're going to use your words against you and say you have to have it for your Lieutenants , Sergeants and I just think it's unfair."

We won't see who the new chief will be for another several months, but the drama surely will keep us tuned in.  Gawd help us.


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