Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Anna Laura Cavazos Ramirez has to worry about a runoff race to keep her seat as county attorney.  Early voting started yesterday, and surely she's been out waving her campaign signs at busy intersections, as most candidates have been doing lately. 

For the last week or so, Ms. Ramirez has been regurgitating her campaign motto that goes something like, 'My goal is public service. Anything else is self service.'  What she's alluding to is her opponent's relationship to the firm that collects delinquent taxes for the county -- Marco Montemayor's brother works for the tax-collecting firm.  OK.  I can see how this poses a conflict of interest.  But she wasn't so worried about "self service" when she herself was collecting delinquent taxes for the county.

What's worse is that when Ms. Cavazos Ramirez took hold of the county attorney reins, she tried to deny the firm, which she used to work for, the contract to collect taxes for the county for a fee.  That's when she was really worried about the taxpayer.  Not really.  She's just made the most of her position to benefit politically and financially.

It's amazing this game of politics.  It'll make people say and do stupid things.  They must think nobody is paying attention. 

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