Monday, July 30, 2012

Neglected Zacate Creek.

Yesterday I noticed that water was still slowly moving southward on the Zacate Creek, even though we got a significant downpour three days ago.  As you can see by the grass color, the recent rain covered quite a bit of the creek bed.  North of Saunders, I noticed that city crews were working on a water main break.  This flow could be attributed to that municipal water source.  What made this interesting is that the water was almost completely stagnant. 

Small islands have formed on the cement canal, making it difficult for the water to flow steadily towards the Rio Grande.  And pockets of water have formed on the uneven grassy areas, making for more breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

As I looked over the fencing, I noticed some constant bubbling arising from the cement.  Gas leak perhaps?

Driving by the creek, everything looks fine, but it's not until you get up close that you see hazards that need to be addressed.  I'm talking to you, city council.  Nevermind that a tree hasn't been planted in the area in some time, the maintenance of the creek itself hasn't been taken into account.  No bueno.

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