Monday, July 9, 2012

Keyrose's Water Usage

Pictured here are my last four water bill statements.  I went back to compare the different fees collected by the city after a family member noticed a huge difference in the SW SEWER charge from one month to the next.  As you can see, my water usage has remained somewhat consistent, even though the weather has been warmer.  I would think that that item would see a larger increase since I've been watering a little more, or so I think.

My SW SEWER fee has gone up a little more than the WA WATER.

In talking to a couple of Utilities Dept. staff members this morning, I found out that the sewer charge will be more expensive than the water.  I also learned that sewer fees are increased each October.  What didn't make sense was that one fee rose more than the other.  If there's more water usage on my part, I would think that both the water and sewer fees would rise proportionately.  But apparently, that's not the case.

The way I understood it was that all water consumed indoors will be reflected in the SEWER section, whether it's water used to wash dishes, or water used to flush the toilet.  The water I use to water the lawn will appear in the WATER fee. 

Again, I still don't see how the 'indoor' water use fee isn't more consistent than the WATER charge.  Could it be we're taking more showers?

I'll keep an eye on my bill since these four examples don't reflect the full extent of my summer water use.  Look out for the Keyrose water graph this fall.  

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