Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hints And Allegations

Election season wouldn't be complete without some Rick Flores/Martin Cuellar drama.  In the new chapter of the he said-he said saga, Flores claims that Cuellar's people have been approaching his supporters and urging them to vote in the runoff election in order to disqualify them from taking part in the general (November) election.
Under the election code, people who signed a petition to support Flores as an independent would have their name disqualified from the petition if they voted in the primary election in May or in the runoff.  
Flores said workers in Cuellar's campaign are contacting people, whose names appear on the petition, urging them to vote in the primary election to disqualify their name.
Sheriff Cuellar counters by saying that he and his campaign workers are just trying to get out the vote.

It's not unusual to have block walkers show up at your house asking for your vote.  It's happened to me on several occasions.  But far be it for me to disregard a candidate's supposed dubious activites.  Some people may know how to work the system.  However, you have to get up pretty early in the morning to pull off the old disqualify-an-opponents-supporters-by-having-them-vote-in-the-runoff scam on ol' Rick Flores. 

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