Friday, July 20, 2012

A Vote Once Again

Early voting for the runoff election starts Monday, and a campaign is underway to get more people to show up at the polls.

I'll show up to vote next week, but not because the mayor had a fit due to the poor showing at the primary.  Frankly, I think the mayor is the worst person who should be speaking on the importance of getting out the vote.  Nevermind that he benefitted from the work of caƱoneros (people who deliver votes for a fee) in his re-election bid, he's overseen a council that has neglected to install an ethics committee the last six years.  If there's a reason to go vote, it's to get rid of people like him.

Mayor Salinas wants us to vote in droves so our state, and federal representatives will take notice of our influence.  Little does he realize that it's his influence, and that of our local representatives, that discourage us from going to the polls. 

Early voting starts Monday, July 23, 2012, and election day is on the 31st. 

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