Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Week

I caught up on some local news when I got back from Brownsville yesterday.  One highlight was a neat cartoon featured in yesterday's LMT posted by Bordertown Blues.  The thing that caught my eye, however, was a quote by the city manager in a story Saturday entitled, "City Ethics Committee Reappointed."  The committee that will take charge of looking into the workings of the city is long overdue, and it is not yet officially up and running, but Carlos Villarreal saw it fit to gripe about its existence.
City Manager Carlos Villarreal pointed out that the city's annual reception in Washington, D.C. and legislative receptions in Austin are paid for through private donations.

"The same people that are concerned about us going out there and getting contributions ... will be the first ones to criticize us for spending money on a reception," he said.
Earlier this year the city collected over $100,000 to go to Washington.

You bet your ass we're going to criticize you.  That kind of money doesn't come without strings attached.  Favors will have to be returned.  And since when do we elect people to go have receptions in Washington?  Oh right, I forgot, it's a working trip; And it actually costs $319 to book a motel. 

If I could suggest something to the ethics committee as they draw up their charter is that a chaperone accompany city staff to Washington to take pictures of their every step.  Then maybe Mr. Villarreal would have reason to complain like some Scooby Doo villain about not having fun on account of meddling kids.

In my visit to South Padre, I noticed that they have their own scent for sale, South Padre Breeze.  Perhaps we need our own spray that can both refresh and disinfect things around here.  Submit suggestions in the comments section.

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