Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Blog!!!

Via the City of Laredo

"On the eve of our nation’s celebration of independence, Laredo too reinforces the ideals of freedom by bringing forth a new community voice that challenges the ill-informed and ill-meaning noise that has been made about our city being characterized as a ‘war zone.’  So many things have been said about Laredo, including that it is downtrodden, unsafe, dilapidated, and crime-riddled, to name a few.  Nothing could be more ridiculous and untrue,” stated Mayor Salinas during the media announcement at City Hall. “The website, www.laredoissafe.com, was launched with the purpose to offer facts in the face of hysteria, and to ensure that in the battle of HYPE vs. TRUTH, the people of Laredo are given a voice.”

"There are so many factors that lead to the misperception suffered by our community in recent years and we need to do more to dispel these wide-spread views.  This billboard and website effort is a start in the right direction,” stated Villarreal.  “Mayor Salinas and I cannot do this alone; we are going to need Laredo as a whole to remake that image and bring about change so that this community can continue to grow and progress.”

"The platform to assist in creating traffic to the website was a partnership found in the corporate citizenship offered by Lamar Outdoor Advertising and its executives, Norma Solis and David Paez, who had a vision for improving their community,” stated Mayor Salinas. “I applaud their efforts to help improve Laredo’s image, by helping us and joining the private and public sectors in this effort to show that our city really is safe.”

I hope we in the blogging community don't sabotage the city's mission of propping up Laredo's image with our posts about trash, dumped tires, stray dogs, graffiti, etc, etc.
Visit the new blog (link above) and let the mayor and the elders know that you stand with them.

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