Monday, June 4, 2012

"For The Future Of Our Kids"

Mayor Raul Salinas started off tonight's council proceedings by voicing his disappointment with this year's primary turnout.  This from the man who has depended on cañoneros to provide him with votes during his last campaign.  During his spiel, he noted how brave men and women fight for our right to vote, and that our votes send a message to those in Washington and Austin.  Of course, he had to include the well worn cliche, 'if you don't vote, you can't complain.'

Here are a couple of hints, mayor:  Your trite remarks are not going to inspire anybody, and if the people are not turning out to vote, chances are they aren't watching your entreaty on public access television.

Seriously, you can't call us out on our poor showing, and then lower the standard on selecting a new police chief.  Members of the council, and the mayor, were in favor of accepting applicants for the top police spot who don't have an undergraduate degree.  Duplicitous, no?

Other members of the council commented on the low voter turnout.  Other mentions included the recent passing of a police officer, high-achieving students, the Rattlesnakes indoor football team, etc., etc.

Nobody, however, admonished the actions of the students at both LISD and UISD who recently committed acts of vandalism on school grounds.  You know, the ones who we're supposed to be voting for.

Mayor, drop the act and give us a reason to go vote.  South Laredo has an unfinished library on its hands.  Chihuahua St. looks like shit and big trucks are making it worse.  You're looking at an $11 million deficit this coming year.  Our 23 percent showing is a direct reflection of just how things are working down here.  Look at that 23 and ask yourself how responsible you are for it.

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