Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday News

Four traffic officers were gunned down in Nvo. Laredo.  Laredo is facing one hell of a budget deficit.  And I've got a backyard that needs a serious makeover.  But those problems don't amount to a hill of beans, not when you've got more pressing issues to contend with. 

Let's talk a little about Uni-Trade Stadium playground equipment.  Apparently Councilman Johnny Rendon wants to use district discretionary funds to buy some.

But don't worry because the cost of the equipment won't exceed $200,000, and it will be handicap-accessible. 
The difference between the play area that the stadium is supposed to have, and what Mr. Rendon wants is that this new purchase will be available for the public to use when the Lemurs are off doing something else and the facility is closed.  That's OK because nothing can go wrong when you have expensive playground equipment accessible for everyone in a secluded area off of Loop 20.

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