Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Earlier today, Nuevo Laredo artist and art teacher Sergio Del Monte, and his wife, Susy, made their way to City Hall to present City of Laredo Mayor Raul G. Salinas with a bust of the mayor Del Monte had been inspired to make after watching him speak to eloquently and sensitively about the unfortunate murder-suicide of two young children and their mother two months ago.  Said the artist, “This is for men of honor who matter.”  The original bust is made of mixed medium, said the artist, of local recyclable materials he finds.  With 41 years of experience in art, Del Monte and his wife were so excited to meet Mayor Salinas.  For his part, Mayor Salinas was stunned and overwhelmed with gratitude to Del Monte for creating such a unique and lovely piece of art.  “I am so touched and honored by this gesture.  This is amazing,” he said.

Photo and press release courtesy of the City of Laredo

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