Monday, June 4, 2012

More In Elections

Yesterday the LMT featured the money totals that candidates spent on their recent primary campaigns.  John Galo, who appears to have outspent all the locals, won his bid for county commissioner.  But other factors helped him to victory.  Mercurio Martinez:
Galo spent a good deal of money on the race - including upwards of $60,000 on television advertising in the last month - but he also ran in an area receptive to his candidacy, said former Webb County Judge Mercurio Martinez.

"(North Laredo) is an area that is mostly an educated area, with more middle- to higher-income families," he said.  "He has strong name identity.  His brother is a medical doctor.  His wife is from a very prominent family."
Mr. Galo used to live on Cortez St. (not in the Chacon as he's suggested) when he was a councilman.  That was when the people of the Chacon, Montrose, and Heights neighborhood were more receptive to his candidacy some twelve years ago.  I really don't know how Mr. Galo won his two terms back then.  He probably had to hold people's hands and personally show them to the polls.

Now, speaking of helping people to the polls, Maximilliano posted a story of what happens in the valley - AND ONLY IN THE VALLEY!!! - during elections.  Apparently, there are these individuals who are referred to as "politiqueras" who, for a small fee, promise votes to the highest bidder.  They prey on the most vulnerable to gather votes for a candidate, and they even create nice little ditties for the ones they work for.


John Galo never had this much adulation thrown his way.  But then again, he never had much use for politiqueras or canoneros -- not like a certain person named Salinas.  No, John Galo's votes came from a more discriminating populace; A populace that can be trusted to use self check-out stations at grocery stores, and has better seats to watch the Lemurs.  Ay, que embidia!

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