Monday, June 18, 2012

It Doesn't Even Have Character

I can't believe it.  Somebody finally cut one of the unsightly trees on one of the blocks just north of Bridge II.  All the "green spaces" near the bridge are as neglected as the one pictured above.  And sadly, this bit of upkeep is as good as it will get for a long time.

Let's go through the list of local eyesores, shall we?
  • Zapata Highway median - grass overgrown
  • Chihuahua/Guadalupe overpasses a five-year work in progress
  • Bruni/St. Peter's/St. Agustin Plazas outdated and neglected
  • Tires everywhere
  • Uni-trade Stadium unfinished
  • Many downtown stores shuttered
  • Old Riverdrive Mall abandoned
  • Old Mercy Hospital abandoned
  • Soccer fields on East Calton nothing but rocks
But we're made to believe that our city is beautiful.  And if the mayor says it, then it must be so.
Seriously, how can we boost tourism when our own house is in disarray?

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