Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Free Pies

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The locals lined up at Pizza Patron yesterday for a chance to get a free pizza, and in the rain no less.  The restaurant's only condition was that you had to order in Spanish.  Undoubtedly, this created some animosity.  Some people lashed out at customers and employees during the promotional giveaway.
The comments have included, “Go back to Mexico where you belong,” he added. “It's been surprising that three little words can create so much discussion across the country.”
A friend of mine got there early and said that he didn't have to utter a word.  He was simply given a pizza as soon as he walked in the door.  Our citizenry is mostly bilingual so the employees were probably dispensing with the formalities to get people in and out as soon as possible.

I commend Pizza Patron for their marketing ways.  They certainly gained attention with this.  They probably saw the backlash coming but I bet they're fully hip to the fact that 'there's no such thing as bad publicity.'  And when people need a break financially, when mom needs a break from cooking, especially when the kids are home during the summer break, it's good that Pizza Patron lends a hand.  For that, I applaud them and will support them by buying a pie tonight.

What's really funny is that the chain was founded by an Ohio man of Lebanese descent.

Gotta love America.

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