Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Menso, Not Mensa

Just as stray dogs, dumped tires, and corn-in-a-cup stands are prevalent here in Laredo, so are law enforcement personnel getting into sticky situations.  And I give thanks for that as I needed a new subject for my continuing series, "Menso, Not Mensa." (copyright)

The latest recipient of this tremendous honor is John Jimenez, a young man who works at the county jail.  This blockhead thought it was a good idea to raise some hell at a northside club, and for good measure, shoot his firearm into the air.

Al bote, cabron!

Like Bordertown Blues suggests, I'll embrace that which makes Laredo special and unique.  Well, maybe not so unique, but law enforcement officials getting into trouble does seem like a consistent occurrence around here, a sport even.  And for that, I give thanks for all the Menso, Not Mensa candidates in our midst.

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