Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jorge Vera: Want To See If It Works

The city is looking at a big budget deficit this coming year but that doesn't mean that council can't stop looking for ways to spend more money.

Jorge Vera, at Monday's council meeting, proposed buying a three-acre piece of land to open up a parking facility for big rigs along Mines Rd.  His concern is that owner-operators who park their trucks at home pose a safety risk for the public as they have to maneuver through residential areas.  The roads also suffer significant wear and tear as they're not meant to handle the weight of the semis, he added.

His focus, however, was on the revenue stream this facility could generate.  At 80 percent capacity, the city could collect $171,000 monthly from truck parking fees.

The city would need to come up with nearly $1 million to acquire the land for the facility, money that the city doesn't have.  Councilman Mike Garza suggested leasing the property first so as not to have such a financial obstacle to tackle.  If the plan works as Mr. Vera suggests, then land acquisition could be accomplished.

A friend who used to drive a truck doesn't think people will pay the monthly fee to have a chance at a parking spot.  But to hear Mr. Vera explain it, people are already lining up. 

One thing I can get behind of is getting big trucks out of residential areas.  Pictured above is a truck that was parked along McPherson while the driver went to take care of business at the Credit Union.  Afterwards he got on Corpus Christi St. and went on about his day.  Oh the drawbacks of living in a trade-heavy town with poor zoning.


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