Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't Vote For Him

Why was it that Pro8news didn't bother to schedule a debate for the Pct. 1 commissioners race?, I thought.  It turns out that they knew the participants wouldn't show up, just like they didn't show up for the public access channel debate today.  Via Twitter:

Frank Sciaraffa is notorious for skipping out on debates, opting instead to use the time to reach out to his constituents, or so he says.  But I can't believe he couldn't make time to answer some questions during his lunch hour.  And Mike Montemayor - who has a chance to snatch this race up while the other two confront their former transgressions - goes and pulls a stunt like this.  I'm tempted to endorse Louis Bruni just for showing up, but I can't, not when I have such low regard for the man.

Frank would've had to answer for a lot:  firework bans, nepotism, the CAA scandal, lawsuits, etc.  It's understandable why he chose to stay away.  However, the more he isolates himself, the more this turns into a battle not worth fighting for.  

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