Wednesday, May 2, 2012

City Of Laredo Travel Expenses

The buzz over the Laredo Bucks calling it quits is fading.  The Bucks legacy makes for an interesting story that has many dynamics to be explored, but I won't do that today.  Instead I want to revisit the D.C. trip taken by our city leaders two months ago.  The timing of this post has a lot to do with city staff providing me with additional travel records this week.  Kudos to those who dug through dusty boxes to find what I asked for. 

Now, last month I blogged about the people who made contributions to the city to fund the D.C. trip.  The city sent out mailers, asking for donations, and a lot of people obliged.  Over $100,000 was collected for the city delegation.  Here are some samples of how that money was spent.

What you see above are the expense reports for the mayor.  Lodging took place at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel.  Nothing but basic accommodations for our leaders. 

I don't mean to nitpick over every action our representatives make, but I would like to learn more about how they operate.  For instance, I want to know why it took 42 members to make the trip.  And if one person used approximately $2,400 for said trip, what happened to the rest of the money donated by this city's elite?  Multiply 2400 times 42 and you get 100,800.  What happens to the extra cash collected?

And why does everybody get a daily taxi allowance when they should all be in a group?

Tune in again as I'll put up receipts for other members who went to Washington.  I didn't get all 42 expense reports, only the ones for top brass. 

Have a good day.

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