Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Apathy On Their Part

While a bunch of UISD students displayed a total disregard for school property yesterday, several county elected officials decided to show off their indifference today.  Via Twitter:

Commissioners Court is meeting today because of the Memorial Day holiday yesterday.  (3 "days" in a row)  Up for discussion is the appointment of a building maintenance director, seeking applicants for an information systems position, and approval of policies and procedures for volunteer fire fighters.  Trivial stuff.

Unfortunately, it's election day today, so the county attorney and two commissioners opted to tend to more pressing matters.  These are the same people who 'humbly ask you for your vote' but shirk their duties when they see fit.  Apparently two hours of their time is just too precious.  Why worry about county business when they could be out leading caravans across town?

If you recall from a previous post, Frank Sciaraffa, and Marco Montemayor skipped their recent debate appearances.  So not only is Frank not showing up for work, he's also not showing up for debates.  What good is he for then?

I was contemplating not voting this time around simply because of the lackluster list of candidates running for office.  Seriously, my son's former crossing guard has more charisma than the roster of people currently vying for a job.  But now I definitely know I'm not voting.  If candidates aren't going to have the courtesy, nay, the respect!!! to show up for work, then I'm not going to show up to vote.

And all you all out there telling me how important it is for me to vote, you can bite me!!!!! 

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