Monday, April 23, 2012

Walking Improves Brain Power

This is reassuring.  The trick is not getting hit by a bus.
Exercise though seems to slow or reverse the brain’s physical decay, much as it does with muscles. Although scientists thought until recently that humans were born with a certain number of brain cells and would never generate more, they now know better.
If walking, jogging, and bicycling can help my cognitive faculties in my golden years, then I need to get new headbands.  What I need to find out is how exercise affects my seasonal allergies.  It seems with every new spring my reaction to trees blooming get worse.  There is such a thing as exercise-induced anaphylaxis, but I've never noticed rashes or bouts of nausea after I work out.

Physical activity is said to improve one's immune response but I have to maintain some type of constant exercise regimen early next year to conduct my own Laredo pollen case study.  

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