Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Somebody Is Better Off Today

Maximilliano over at LaredoTejas takes issue with what Garros Services will pay the city for upkeep of its cold storage facilities at the World Trade Bridge and Columbia Bridge.  Garros is now in charge of both sites after city council voted to award them the contract last night.  In return, the city will collect a small fee for every truck the firm processes, and will also receive a whopping $15,000 yearly sum for maintenance.  LT crunched the numbers on the projected truck traffic, and when you take into account what it may all add up to, it's pretty unbelievable amazing what's in store for Garros.

But all these figures are minor details.  We can't be bogged down by the minutia of big world trade.  City council, the mayor, and the city manager's office want to move forward and get down to the business of showing how international trade is done.  Gawd forbid anybody should question the trivialities of the contract; That person is bound to get his head chewed off.

Our city officials exclaimed that the process by which Garros was selected was transparent and fair, and that other firms had an opportunity to make their case before city hall.  What isn't clear, and what wasn't brought up at last night's meeting, was what perks staff enjoyed that had the possibility of swaying their favor towards Garros. 

Carlos Villarreal brought up the subject of asking one group to help fund the construction of the cold storage facilities when all the planning was taking place.  Nothing was mentioned whether Garros was ever asked to donate money for building said structures.

It's a funny business, this world of politics.  Tempers flare while others cower in confusion.

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