Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oncologists Always Get Some Love

In obituary write-ups you usually don't see people thanking their loved one's physician unless the departed went through a difficult illness, in which case you'd probably see a cancer specialist getting a grateful mention.  They're a special breed to be held in such regard.  They see people through thick and thin, and for that, people shout out an emotional thank you to them.  But what about the times when they make you wait more than you have to during an appointment?  What about those times, when you're fed up with waiting and you consider walking out of the office?  Is there a proper place and time in the newspaper to badmouth an oncologist and his staff for being so slow, but yet having the audacity of posting a sign in the lobby that reads PAYMENT IS DUE FOR SERVICES RENDERED? 

Oncologists are the last ones I would think would get a lot of lip service from people, but it's bound to happen.  Except you probably won't see that kind of talk in obituaries.  Or will you?

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