Monday, April 2, 2012

Oil Field Life

All most people see are the big payouts, especially elected officials who slobber all over land royalties and tax revenue.
But as every oil field veteran knows, there is a harsh tradeoff, beyond the grueling labor. Some men work hundreds of miles from their families, others live in primitive conditions or face the real risk of being maimed.
“You have no life. It’s basically work, sleep, work, sleep, and when you do go home, you sleep,” said Carlos Garza, 36, who drives a fluid truck and rarely sees his four kids in Mission, just two hours away.
“Sometimes we’re 30 hours on location. I haven’t seen my house in the daytime in two weeks,” said Garza, who bunks in Asherton.
It's unnerving to know that oil field workers who are over-worked and starved for sleep are driving big rigs through our narrow roads constantly. 

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