Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Campaign Tools

This could be a sign that this young man has become jaded early on, or that he's really perceptive when it comes to local politics.
"It's more of a popularity contest than anything else. It's become a 'who's who' of Laredo families and not so much a 'who's what'."
Social media outlets can be useful, but they're meaningless if the public thinks poorly of the whole political process, and one's intentions for running.  Wanting to be the voice for the people is one thing.  Actually carrying out those duties is another. 

The younger crop of potential candidates will be more willing to embrace Facebook and Twitter, but will they get too complacent and hide behind these new mediums?  At some point, they're going to have to convince the public that running for office is not some type of self-serving endeavor.

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