Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Violence In Nuevo Laredo

When we're told that mutilated bodies found in plastic bags are not cartel-related, or that a car bomb is an isolated incident, it's natural for us to scoff.  We've grown accustomed to attribute any heinous act of violence to those who are connected to the drug trade and have turfs to protect.  But to relate any wrongdoing to an organized crime syndicate is hasty and careless. 

To deny that cartels are responsible for the waves of violence along the Mexican border would be ludicrous, but we can't let our rush to judgement reach the level of punchline.  When Sgt. Sifuentes of "Bordertown: Laredo," or any of his colleagues, uttered the words "cartel-related" on the A&E series, it almost seemed like a running joke.  The thieves were busted, the case solved, and an obligatory shout-out to the cartels was proclaimed.  They seemed steadfast in their assertion, leaving us only to wonder if it was all done out of habit. 

Now a car bomb, and mass killings leave little to the imagination but who's to say that these aren't the workings of some lone nut, or a group of individuals out to prove a point.  Remember when Betty Flores implied that those who were kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo had ties to drug runners?
During her appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight, she suggested that those who have been kidnapped were not everyday tourists and somehow involved in the drug trade.
Surprise, surprise, a backlash followed. 

Cartels could've been responsible, but it also could've been that somebody was making the most of the circumstances gripping the city.  A car explodes and we immediately think cartel.  The public is scared already so they're not going to get involved in pointing fingers.  And those charged with protecting the citizenry probably don't have the time to investigate every event in what now has resulted in daily chaos.  Everybody points to the boogeyman while a copycat could be getting away with murder, literally. 

Whomever is carrying out these acts of violence seems nearly negligable at this point.  Life is different and those responsible for making us live in fear are anonymous.  That leaves the door open for anyone to do as they please with little consequence, if at all.  

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