Friday, April 20, 2012

Menso, Not Mensa

No matter how much Laredo moves forward, certain stories will keep making headlines.  It's inevitable.  Fifty years from now we'll still be hearing accounts of 8-liner busts, prostitution stings on San Bernardo, another Frank Sciaraffa lawsuit, and babies left inside hot cars by their parents -- that last point being the subject of this post.  Yes, readers, another parent thought if was OK to leave his infant child in a locked car while he went to run an errand nearby, and for that, he's our choice for Menso, Not Mensa
Martinez had returned to the jail Wednesday to pick up his property.  A news release states that he posted bail Monday on charges of assault on a public servant, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and jumping bail.
One bad mistake after another with this genius.  He was already in trouble and then he goes and pulls the old baby-in-a-hot-car stunt.  Perfect! 

Congratulations, Noe Martinez.  You're our knucklehead of the week.  Enjoy your jumpsuit.

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