Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Can't Wait

Laredoans have a tendency of supporting different business ventures until the "thrill is gone."  Can anyone remember USA Vivant?  I rest my case.  I'm glad someone else thinks that the new baseball team will be a passing fancy.  Adam Geigerman:
No matter how cool and new the Lemurs' shiny Uni-Trade Stadium and its $18 million price tag are, the freshness will put skin in seats for only so long.  The team must win and play good-looking baseball with both their gloves and bats.
Gawd forbid the team folds, the stadium will still be available for events, such as concerts, and wedding receptions.  And the stadium can host high school baseball playoff games, until the demand is so high for tickets that games will have to be held inside the LEA. 

Whatever happens, don't let my skepticism deter you from going out for the team. 

I'm reassured, $50 worth.

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