Friday, April 13, 2012

Date It 2013

In a post some months ago I wondered what Louis Bruni's campaign signs indicated as he flashed a '40 K' message on them.  Eventually I found out from one of his supporters that he was going to donate part of his commissioners salary (once he won) towards scholarships.  Now to make his pledge more clear to the voting public, he went out and had props signs made in the form of big vinyl checks, promising the county's youth that he's got their back.

It's a cute approach, but his signs -- next to the more common political announcements -- seem out of place.  They look more like ads for a check cashing company, or a quick payday loan establishment.  I don't think this is effective in garnering votes since young voters  have their attention on their texting devices and not on the beautiful scenery Laredo has to offer.

I can't wait for the debates.  The cynic, the embattled incumbent, and the virtual unknown will go head to head, and who comes out on top is anyone's guess.

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