Thursday, April 12, 2012

Copyrights, Concessions And Costumes

Now every time a United High School story comes on I'll be watching to see if their logo is being used without permission.  I'll be looking out for the "deep dip in both sides," as UISD Spokesperson Veronica Cantu described.

The City of Laredo wants you to be aware that new risks exist when buying from certain street vendors.

The City of Laredo Health Department (CLHD) wants the public to know currently there are illegal ice cream vendors that we are monitoring as they are using illegal lead based containers which can be harmful to one’s health especially to children (from gastrointestinal problems, irritability, learning disorders to muscle and nervous system complications). Recently we have confiscated six (6) containers made of steel (see pictures) and want the public to know that it is dangerous to buy and eat the ice cream from these vendors who do not have any permit from the health department to sell food and they are using illegal lead based containers to store the ice cream.

But I hate waiting in line at Dairy Queen!!!

And lastly, our lives wouldn't be complete without our supposed true mascots representatives cheerleaders.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our next George and Martha Washington.

Photo courtesy of the LMT (Danny Zaragoza)

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