Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adding To Your Landscape

Screen shot courtesy of Pro8news.

In the past I've made big purchases at nurseries, mainly because my landscape was completely bare and in need of some decoration.  Now with each planting season I'll make two purchases, either to complement my existing design, or to replace plants that have withered away.

One thing that I've shied away from is using containers in my garden.  No matter how small a plant is, I'll usually find a spot for it in the ground.  This routine, however, has given me mixed results.  Of course, any plant or tree might have difficulty adjusting to a new setting; It might get too much sun, or too little, or the soil might stunt its growth.  By letting it mature in a bigger container, the plant might actually have a better chance at a longer life.  Therefore, to become a better gardener, I'm going to let plants take their time and I'm going to make more use of old containers I have in my backyard, be it ceramic, or recycled nursery pots.  Or I could set up something like this:

For a project like this I'm going to need a lot of potting soil, and the materials to paint old tires.  But the tires, as we all know, are easy to come by in the barrio.  And the flowers I can probably obtain through some neighborhood sharing program.  The possibilities are endless.  A setup like the one pictured above can be more beneficial for small plants, and you'd be doing the environment a good service. 

Photos courtesy of the Backyard Diva.

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