Monday, March 19, 2012

These Trees Of Ours

If you want to understand Laredo, look to its trees to get a sense of this town.  You'll be hard pressed to find another city that shapes its oak trees like boomerangs, and palm trees.  To the locals, oaks are species to be used for topiary.  Without fail, trees here are planted too close to buildings, placed under power lines, or over-pruned; It's poor planning coupled with horrible follow through and non-existent oversight.

I really don't understand Laredo's fascination with oak trees.  Driving into town on I-35, I don't see any oaks growing wild on private ranch land.  But the way we take to the oak, you'd think it was the official tree of Laredo. 

They're beautiful trees, but to grow to their fullest potential they need a large amount of space.  Yet we plant them trying to remake their character to fit our needs.  We try to make them something they're not.  And we try to pass ourselves as something we're not.

Laredo is heavily Democratic, yet environmentalists are shunned like the plague.  Say 'arborist' and people would probably give you a blank stare.  It's an odd town this Laredo.  But don't take my word for it, just look to its trees.

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