Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No Super For Us

If Super Tuesday gave me anything it was a bevy of hairstyles to behold.  We had Callista Gingrich with her unwavering hair, some lady to the right of Rick Santorum with a large do, and of course, Mitt with the hair that most men would kill for.  I watched last night's coverage with the same enthusiasm as me reading boating magazines at my doctor's office:  it helps pass the time, but my I.Q. doesn't necessarily improve.

Some results of note were Dennis Kucinich losing to Marcy Kaptur, and as a result, she'll be going up against "Joe The Plumber" in Ohio this November.  Kucinich I liked because of his vote against the Iraq War back in 2002.  It's all inconsequential to me for the most part, but having Joe in the race tells me that this race will get more coverage than it deserves.  And Jean Schmidt lost her bid to a military veteran who previously ran for mayor.  Jean Schmidt, another person who has no impact in my life, but I'm glad to see leave just because she wasn't very nice.

Our Super Tuesday won't come for another 83 days.  It gives candidates time to cash in their income tax returns to help 'em finance top notch t.v. ads.  If the legal challenges haven't made the local races interesting, the fact that we have "El Protector" running has, at least for me.  Lord help us.  

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