Monday, March 26, 2012

Never Say They Go Above And Beyond

What do architects Kell Munoz and the LaMantias of Needmore Ranch have in common:  They host city leaders for events and nothing is documented.

Oh sure, on Friday the telecommunications staff tells you that they will tape the council's retreat and then run the footage the following week (as opposed to live) but today somebody at 1101 Garden St. said they didn't make it out to the ranch.  But don't fear, 'because the minutes of the meeting will be up on the city's website by tomorrow,' said city secretary staff member.  But they're not minutes, really; they're more of an interpretation by staff of what actually happened.  Regardless, they won't be up for us to view considering that staff hasn't updated squat this year.

You know what?  Perhaps if I look under the Town Hall Meetings section.......


No biggie.  It's only economic development.  It's only city property that sits idly by.  It's only wanting to build a convention center (when we have the LEA) and bringing up the issue of a water park again (when our lake is running dry).  Yeah, no need to tape any of that.

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