Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I was one of the persons who blamed George W. for high gas prices, but that was because of what I saw the day of the World Trade Center attacks -- Laredoans scrambling to fill up their tanks because they had gotten word that gasoline prices had spiked in San Antonio.  If the U.S. hadn't been attacked, and if we hadn't gone into the Middle East to fight a terrorist, things would've been different.

Fox News tells me otherwise.  They've said that market forces, and consumption is more to blame.  I agree.  But adding instability to the world, the way W. did, didn't help.  On the other hand, if Fox viewers are going to say that Obama's re-election will bring us $6-per-gallon of gasoline, I suggest they view the explanations of their favorite talking heads who talked up -gasp- conservation!

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