Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Which Way Did He Go?

Another person valiantly escaped from the local jail.  His breakout probably would've gone unnoticed if it wasn't for a bystander.
A preliminary investigation revealed a woman waiting to bond out an inmate saw Garcia coming out of a window on the north side of the building.  Cuellar said Garcia managed to escape through a light fixture in an interview room in a secure area.  "He went up through there and climbed all the way to an administrative office, ... a nonsecure area, and opened the window and he was out," Cuellar explained.
So nobody was in the interview room area, in the administrative office, or outside the window that was used to get out.  So where was everybody?!

I can't knock jail staff for having an inmate escape.  I mean, it's not like the place is Alcatraz or anything.  If Andy Dufresne, and Frank Morris can do it, why not a burgeoning suspected thief?  You've got to wake up pretty early in the morning to stop the Frank Abagnales of the world.

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