Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Redistricting Not Settled Yet

At the rate Texas redistricting is going, Rick Flores might have a chance to enter the race for sheriff after all.
Although the chances of an April primary are not officially extinguished, even the judges acknowledged those prospects are fading because of logistics. Elections workers from some of Texas' largest counties are pushing May 22 as the next earliest date if maps can be settled quickly.
Emphasis mine

Rick Flores moved back to Laredo in April.  Sheriff Martin Cuellar contested Flores' eligibility, noting that Flores had to be a resident of Texas for one year in order to run.  So partisan state politics might actually work in our favor (as well as Flores') as we'll be subjected to more Flores v. Cuellar drama.  As a blogger, I love it.

As for all the other local candidates, their Spring Break, or Easter holiday might include more heartburn and sleepless nights as they have to worry about extending their campaigns.

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