Friday, February 3, 2012

MTB Race In Laredo

Alcohol-filled festivities will certainly abound this weekend, as Bordertown Blues attests, but don't fear, for not every event in Laredo requires a designated driver be present.  The Pedalheads of Laredo, together with Laredo Ciclo Mania, are sponsoring a mountain bike race Sunday, April 1, 2012, at the City of Laredo Shiloh Trails.  The registration fee for adults is $25.  For those younger than 18, the fee is $5.

Bicycling has had a small following in Laredo but things seem to be looking up.  Just today I learned that the city is making some progress with the Chacon Creek Hike/Bike Trail, offering local enthusiasts an alternative to some of the trails already in place.  The construction of the new stretch of trail, once competed, will enable riders to bike from the south Meadow/Chacon Creek area (Mami Chulas nearby) all the way to the Haynes Rec. Center behind the Target on Loop 20.

San Antonio has even seen an increased interest in cycling.
Cyclist and friend of Francis and Martinez, Leslie Cantu said that the cyclist culture is growing in San Antonio, particularly in Southtown.
Could it be that la raza is finally taking up something constructive, something other than menudo, jalapenos, and beer?
I applaud anyone who does something to further the sport of bicycling in Laredo.  Not only is it a quality of life issue, but the sport can certainly shed a good light on this town's image.  It may not be what Falcon Lake is to fishing, or what local ranches offer hunters, but it has to start somewhere. 

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