Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laredoans Taking Action

A lot of people complain about Laredo's shortfalls, but few actually take the initiative to do something to better the community.  Enter Donna Copeland-Magnon.  She, like so many of us, has noticed the trash problem that plagues every corner of our city.  So she's inviting anyone who wants to participate in helping her clean up District II to give her a call.

In talking to Mrs. Copeland-Magnon, she brought up the usual suspects that litter our city:  plastic bags, and furniture.  She even mentioned one company dumping paper products illegally behind a popular big box store in District II.  In cleaning up her area, she hopes to present a clean environment, not only for Laredoans, but for visitors alike.

Mrs. Magnon hopes to keep this endeavor at a grassroots level, because she believes most community projects eventually get co-opted by self-serving politicos.  One of her hopes is that other neighborhoods can follow her lead, and eventually, work in conjunction with each other to keep Laredo clean. 

Lynne Nava of Keep Laredo Beautiful will assist with this project.  Equipment will be provided for those who help out.  For more information, call Mrs. Magnon at :  956-763-3995.

LaSanbe applauds Ms. Magnon.  We need more people like her. 

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