Tuesday, February 28, 2012

County Debt

For the last five years, my county taxes have increased anywhere from $5 to $23 yearly.  These hikes are a result of property appraisal adjustments.  County officials reassure us constantly that they never raise their tax rates, and now they say the new bond issue will have no effect on our taxes.
Valdez said the bond package will not increase the tax burden for county residents.
The additional debt obligations could be paid for by allocating more funding from the county's existing tax dollars.  Higher property valuations county officials hope for this year could also help service additional debts.
Pues ya si no?!
I say yes to remodeling the Tex-Mex building, and no to a new tax office.  Amazon and iTunes have showed us that brick and mortar facilities are not that ideal any more.  If anything, a small outlet would do.

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