Monday, February 20, 2012

Antihistamine-Filled Weekend

Que Fregados blogged at length about the recent parade.  And Bordertown Blues wrote about possible licensing infractions taking place at said event.  This year I decided to venture out to San Bernardo to see the big parade in person.  But instead of camping out the day before, I payed a LaSanbe tenant for four comfy folding chairs for the Keyrose family. 

The only downsides were the windy conditions that kept blowing tree lint all over us, and the family in front of us who stood for the better part of the parade.  I'm thinking:  people, you have front row seats!  Why are you standing looking up the street to see what is coming up next?!  I didn't pay for these chairs to see your ugly mugs all day long.  Sit down!

As for all the pollen flying around that day, my eyes ended up looking like watery tomatoes.  It's the last time I go out for the parade. 

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