Monday, February 6, 2012

A Fiery Monday

So I'm driving to work this morning and I hear Al and Ruben (on 94.9 FM) talking about a video that's gone viral locally.  The video is supposed to be of a young lady who's been living in Laredo for about a year now because her husband was transferred here due to work.  She apparently is not thrilled with this town, so she lets loose with everything she sees wrong with Laredo.  (Que Fregados heard about the video too but didn't post a link)

The video comments section has been filled with a mix of some heated backlash and some acknowledgement of what the videographer states as true.  It's clear that the woman does not like Laredo.  That's alright.  I know not everybody is going to like this city.  But in her making statements like, "Thank God I wasn't born here, or raised here, because I'd probably be dead by now," is pretty ridiculous.  It's hyperbole fueled by anxiety.  But that doesn't mean that I hold anything against her.  Again, Laredo is not for everybody.  Hell, at one point we've all criticized Laredo, and then just brushed it off with a disappointed "Aaaa raza!"

We have to understand where this woman is coming from.  She's not happy and she's just venting; albeit in a juvenile manner, but venting nonetheless.  For those who vehemently disagree with Sara, I hope you look at yourself and ask what you've done to better this town.

UPDATE:  You knew it was coming.

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