Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Economy Is Made For Food Stamps

Yesterday a Facebook friend posted a link to a story about the origin of the "welfare queen."  The term was made popular by Ronald Reagan, and it's been a go-to subject for those on the right ever since.  Naturally, with modern day republicans regarding Reagan with such high esteem, it's only logical that they would follow his lead.  But apart from that, the argument against public assistance is red meat for conservative politicians wanting to rally the ravenous base. 
The candidates are using such language to highlight philosophical differences between liberals and conservatives, Hayward says. Liberals believe that government can offer the best path to advancement. Conservatives believe a growing private economy provides more upward mobility than government.
Why can't it be both?

Last week I talked about what the food stamp rolls actually look like.  It differs from what conservatives have in mind.  But putting stereotypes and conservative falsehoods aside, public assistance shouldn't be derided when the country is trying to recover from one of the worst economies ever.  And it shouldn't be looked down upon when the way of doing business is not what our grandparents were used to.  A lot of things are outsourced and that's left us with few choices.
Rather, Apple’s executives believe the vast scale of overseas factories as well as the flexibility, diligence and industrial skills of foreign workers have so outpaced their American counterparts that “Made in the U.S.A.” is no longer a viable option for most Apple products.
That's right.  We can't compete with a workforce that has tea with a biscuit for breakfast and goes on to work a 12-hour shift.  And we can't have politicians bitching about putting Americans to work when the work is going overseas.  Food stamps are essential for Americans when jobs aren't there any more.

I'm sure we'll hear plenty about the republican strategy tonight following the president's State of the Union Address.  But I seriously doubt conservatives will have a solution on how to fix the high unemployment rate in this country.  They'll just take a page from the GOP presidential candidates -- bash Obama, give tax cuts to the rich, limit regulations, and on and on and on.

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