Wednesday, January 18, 2012

They Live Among Us

El Manana reports that a deer hide was confiscated at the Columbia Solidarity Bridge for being infested with ticks.  The person attempting to cross the pelt into the United States said he was hauling it from the state of Nuevo Leon.  The live insects were identified as Boophilus ticks.

Good collar for the federal agents, but now I have an itch just thinking about the whole situation.

In related news, LaredoTejas posted a comment from somebody who stayed at a local hotel.  There were two points of contention from the visitor:  drunk patrons and bedbugs!!! 

And Pro8news had a story on their noon program about a residential property overtaken by ants.  (Link unavailable)  This could've been the hat trick of all blog posts if the story were available online. 

I'm almost tempted to post a video clip of the 1982 movie "Creepshow," but that would send some people running for the hills.

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