Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Adios Mofo!"

Even if teenagers wanted to show their support for Rick Perry by chanting a line the Texas governor used some time ago, it's not the kind of thing that gets a person elected, at least not at the national level.  Chanting "adios mofo" at a presidential candidate in the run-up to the GOP nomination pretty much solidifies that politician's status as a laughingstock. 
But Rick Perry doesn't need the masses to help him go down in flames.  He's done a pretty good job about blowing his chances for higher office all by himself.  His classic "oops" moment will be a teaching tool for aspiring politicos.  It's something you don't want to do as a candidate.  It might work for somebody in Laredo, but not for someone who is going to have his finger on the button.

Here's another word that I'll remember Rick Perry for:  inappropriate.  That's what he thought of the Marines caught urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban members.  You could characterize the act as inappropriate, but the description wouldn't have the depth, much less grasp, in offering up a point of view on the event.  Unfortunately, lack of depth has been Perry's crutch.  Why he's still in the race is beyond me. 

Come home, Rick Perry.  Most Texans still like you.  Give it up and we won't begrudge you spending all that money for a security detail.  Say adios and be done with it.

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