Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love The Tag Line

Via the Express-News.

On another note, Natural Light must be feeling pretty bad at the fact that Generic Beer rated higher in taste.

This just in:

WHO:             City of Laredo Mayor Raul G. Salinas

WHAT:           Receive yearly flu vaccination

WHEN &        TODAY, January 12, 2012                2:30 p.m. 
WHERE:        City Council Chambers, 1110 Houston Street

WHY:             Flu Season is now in full effect!
The mayor is setting the example for everyone in getting the flu shot.  I will set the example for all men by braving this frigid 49-degree weather for five minutes while wearing no jacket at all.  Carry on.

The Taste of Laredo will not only satiate you, but it'll entertain you as well.

Seeing these jokers kick out the jams may be worth the price of admission.

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