Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day Of 2012

Ah, a brand new year.  So many possibilities and a whole lotta political happenings to cover. 

2012 looks to be an interesting year, and not only because its a presidential election year.  The local races should be attention grabbers, but then there's the opening of two brand new facilities: the golf course and the baseball stadium.  There's also the economy/ jobs, and the chance that the drought could continue into this year and even get worse.

For those hoping for another season of "Bordertown: Laredo," I wouldn't hold my breath.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:
On Bordertown: Laredo, A&E’s gripping look at the rise of Mexican drug cartel smuggling into the U.S., the Hispanic detectives in Texas fighting on the front lines feel right out of a Cormac McCarthy novel.  
The Dallas Cowboys' performance tonight will tell us a lot of what Laredo should expect in 2012.  After all, the Cowboys are Laredo's Team and all our hopes and dreams hang on their every move.

Happy 2012, people.  And thanks for visiting.

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