Tuesday, January 31, 2012

El Super Tazon Five Days Away

My better half told me that the upcoming Superbowl could be the most-watched sporting event ever because of its rematch ramifications, nevermind that two big markets are vying for the big prize in football.  It's possible.  But the locals might just watch to have a reason to cook out and drink, because you know, "there's always a reason to celebrate in Laredo."
And don’t forget the keg.  No Super Bowl house party is complete without “el barril”.  And every party has the dude who brought a 6-pack of Busch in a tiny ice chest, who drinks one, then keeps refilling the empty from the keg until it’s floating and then takes off with his 5 Busch beers after the game.  Luckily we tolerate him because he still doesn’t quite understand the concept of point spreads.
Via Drink Laredo.

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