Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Absorbent And Yellow And Porous Is He

I take no pleasure in chronicling the misdeeds of Laredo's most dumbest for our wildly popular series, Menso Not Mensa, but there's just too much material for this blogger to ignore.

Today's lucky designee is Eric Compean, an enterprising stereo thief with a penchant for wearing cartoon-themed pajamas in public.  While we're on the subject, let me take this opportunity to say how much I detest when people wear pajama pants in public.  I'm a big advocate of dressing down, but when your wardrobe consists of sleepwear, you've shed any ounce of pride or dignity for yourself.  It calls into question your sense of social norms, not to mention hygiene.

But enough about me -- let's talk about Mr. Bikini Bottom for a moment.  How can you be an effective thief if you're going to go around wearing things that people can easily identify?  'Yes officer, I saw the person running away from the scene and he was wearing bright yellow pants, brown Ugg boots, a red satin shirt with fringed sleeves, and some sort of shark fin on his head.'  I would think that one of the requirements to be a thief would be to maintain a low profile.

The Pro8news story mentions a suspect breaking a police vehicle window.  It doesn't state that Compean was responsible for that act of destruction but it helps add to this post, because when you're already in trouble with the law for alleged robbery, it doesn't help your case by also breaking public property, especially that of the cops.  The level of Menso-ness here is through the roof.  This is one instance where there's no reason to celebrate in Laredo.

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