Friday, December 9, 2011

Rick Perry Implosion

Gawd bless Rick Perry.  Even though his chances at becoming the GOP presidential nominee keep getting slimmer, he keeps plugging away.  But he doesn't help himself by running an ad that's critical of gays serving in the military, and portrays Obama as an anti-Chistmas zealot.  I wouldn't go that far, especially when the White House is decked out with the usual holiday trappings.

In his latest appeal to the Religious Right in Iowa, Perry takes to the small screen with a 30-second ad.  On YouTube, that same ad has garnered 500 percent more thumbs downs than likes.  And it was bound to happen, what with hanging his hopes on a campaign filled with falsehoods, discrimination, and misguided crusades.  He's become the male equivalent of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman.  He's Herman Cain without the mistresses.  The only sensible decision he's made up until now is refusing to take part in a Donald Trump-moderated debate.  For that he gets props, but for all the other stuff, not so much. 

Hang it up, Rick.  Anyway, Texas still loves you.  Well.........

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