Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Money At City Hall

Maximilliano over at LaredoTejas blogged about this little city council item last week:

Amending Ordinance 2007-O-097 defining necessary expenses which may be reimbursed to the Mayor and City Council pursuant to Section 2.02 of the City Charter by eliminating the food allowance line item ($500.00/mo.) for each councilman, and reallocating those funds for each councilman as follows: adding $250.00/mo. for mileage reimbursement; $250.00 increase for home office reimbursement ($750.00 total upon qualification); and, increasing cell phone reimbursement by $25.00/mo
Tom Wade, in the comments section, highlighted the fact that this money is available to "be reimbursed to the Mayor and City Council" after showing proof (receipts) of expense, but I have to question what exactly they're all doing at their home offices that requires a $750 monthly reimbursement.  I can see how the mileage allowance would be "amended" since all members of the council like to go out for photo shoots and probably drive nice gas-guzzling vehicles, but $750 per month?  For what, paper?

These amounts are surely paltry when you compare them to the actual municipal budget (in the neighborhood of half a billion), but it surprises me when our leaders blithely throw money around to supposedly meet their needs.  For recognizing their deeds, they sure like to take time at the beginning of each meeting, but when matters of money are concerned, those matters can be rushed through.

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